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From the Summer 2022 issue:

Thinking Through the China Hype

After 2030, China’s potential growth will be similar to that of the United States. Its graying problem? Worse than Japan’s.

William H. Overholt

Did China “Destroy” Globalization?

Globalization arrived as a giant paradoxical force that created enormous wealth and brought millions of developing-world citizens out of poverty, but in the West led to economic hardship among working-class families. China responds that it is being unfairly blamed for a failure by American plutocratic elites to protect their working class.

A symposium of views

Featuring commentary by Robert D. Atkinson, William R. Cline, James K. Galbraith, James E. Glassman, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Richard Jerram, Steven B. Kamin, Richard Katz, Arthur Kroeber, Anne O. Krueger, Desmond Lachman, Hongyi Lai, Simon Lester, Greg Mastel, Joseph S. Nye, Jim O’Neill, Derek Scissors, Stan Veuger, Marina v N. Whitman, and Chen Zhao.

Time For a New Sovereign Debt Restructuring Regime

Can Chinese creditors navigate through a potential global debt crisis?

By Deborah Brautigam

Thoughts on Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

China responded like a petulant child. Shockingly, many U.S. commentators parroted Beijing’s absurd rhetoric.

By Greg Mastel

The Sad Tale of Japan

New Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has caved in and given up.

By Richard Katz

Economic Energy Cancer

In Europe, the cancer has metastasized. It will spread globally.

By Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

Is a Dollar Crisis Coming?

Problems are lurking everywhere.

By William R. White

How to Fight Inflation

With U.S. inflation still far higher than expected, various firefighting teams of experts have stepped forward, offering to come to the rescue. Which team offers the most credible prescription for handling inflation?

A symposium of views

Featuring commentary by Philipp M. Hildebrand, Michael Mandel, Steve H. Hanke, and Arthur B. Laffer.

The Case Against Central Bank Digital Currencies

The real competition will be over who builds internet-scale financial markets infrastructure and the nature of its value systems.

By Dante Alighieri Disparte

A Sword of Damocles Hangs Over Monetary Union

Models aren’t working.

By Otmar Issing

Off the News

Is the ECB the new governor of the Bank of Italy? and Gorbachev and McDonald’s.

View from the Beltway

Is the Fed still Washington’s last bastion of nonpartisanship?

By Owen Ullmann

Letter from Berlin

Energy idiocy. Germany faces rising food prices and fears of gas shortages.

By Klaus C. Engelen